A multi-banking app
and a personal finance assistant with great UX.

It's like Google Now, but for personal banking.
It makes it easier to communicate with the bank,
and suggests additional products based on clients' transactions.
Octobank is more than a bank
It's a personal banking service based on
customer transactions and behaviour analysis
Every customer gets his own set of services exactly when he needs them
Everybody gets a personal financial advice system to cope with their personal issues

Smart cross-sale system
Open API to cross-sell non-financial services
Tactful push system

Online Chat Customer support
Here's the product demo:
It is not just a prototype,
the product is already live
Most of our competitors are still in the prototype stage, while we already have our product launched with one of the largest banks in Europe – Alfa-Bank.

Product engagement grows twice

Customer lifetime value – 1.1x

Transaction activity grows twice

Loyalty (NPS) grows up to 90%
Who we are
We are a team of talented and capable people, who create unique products.
We're good at mobile & web development, UX & Service design,
Math & Machine Learning and banks' microservice architecture.
Irakli Agladze
Product Manager at one of the best mobile banks for businesses in Russia. MA in Digital Media Management
Denis Moskalets
10+ years experienced Software Engineer. Focused on data science, machine learning and user happiness

Alexey Kuznetsov
UI/UX Designer
Senior Designer with 5+ years experience in mobile apps, including the largest classifieds' platform in Russia
Ivan Golikov
iOS Lead
Great mobile developer, constantly working in a strong cooperation with backend services and designers
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